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Mason Jar Banana Split! A childhood classic in but served in a JAR! The kids and adults will love this ice cream treat!

Mason Jar Banana Split

Mason Jar Banana Split - A childhood classic - but served in a jar! The kids and adults will love this ice cream treat!

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I love soft serve ice cream! this looks so yummy! Hokkaido's Soft-Serve Ice Cream (From top: Ice Soda, Strawberry, Melon, Milk and Lavender) - Summer Flavors in Japan

layer the cake in a mason jar. Love this idea

Birthday Cake in a Jar: I think this serving is far too big (would want the smaller mason jar), but a fun and different idea! I also like the idea of having ice cream in the smaller mason jars.

If you love banana bread, you will love this summer twist by cookingchanneltv.com on the dessert! Throwing the bread on the grill gives it a nice toasty flavor. This recipe in full can be found here: http://www.cookingschoolsu.com/recipes/grilled-banana-bread-ice-cream-sandwiches/

Grilled Banana Bread Ice Cream Sandwiches - Awesome, can't wait to try!

Want to indulge (responsibly)? An ice cream sundae pie that swaps Muller Ice Cream Flavor Yogurt for ice cream is a good choice.

Recipe: Chocolate Banana Pops

Recipe: Chocolate Banana Pops

I shared my love of frozen bananas with you several days ago and then I stumbled upon this lovely post on Craft for Chocolate Banana Pops. Cute and yummy! Full recipe here. To decrease the unhealthy sugar factor, I might.

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Ranging from organic gummy bears to organic strawberries, our WholeYo bar has toppings for people of all ages.