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Avengers, Loki Steals Thor's Hammer and Captain America's Shield (Found on Reddit) Tom Hiddleston Interview

Loki Wins

Tom Hiddleston Loki props The Avengers Captain America shield Thor hammer prank photo Chris Evans Chris Hemsworth saying, "ive got them and im not giving them back!

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Mark Ruffalo Remembers That Time He Took His Daughter To Preschool

The perfect offer.

The perfect offer

Chris and Chris! :D Chris Evans & Chris Hemsworth's 'Age of Ultron' Interviews Prove That They Have The Best Bromance

All the Thorki's must be messing their pants at the sight of this

Even if they fight, they are still brothers.

I think Loki kind of would regret killing Thor.he knows Thor is his brother, deep down, and maybe he wants to get rid of that.

I think that’s Thor and Loki…

I think that’s Thor and Loki…

If I were a famous actor, I'd so troll people in movie theaters. [Dad, I think that's Thor and Loki.


Find the British guy…

Funny pictures about Find the British guy. Oh, and cool pics about Find the British guy. Also, Find the British guy.

Apparently Tom likes trying on everyone's costumes.

I assume this comment refers to the Capt. America cameo in Thor: Dark World. To get into the voice part, Tom Hiddleston wore the Capt. America costume for filming.

I laughed so Hard!!!

Funny pictures about Thor or Loki. Oh, and cool pics about Thor or Loki. Also, Thor or Loki.

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