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Green Glaze Brick

Tiles… green tiles Handmade tiles can be colour coordinated and customized re. shape, texture, pattern, etc. by ceramic design studios


The Swan -- National Bird of Denmark. an elegant, beautiful, peaceful bird--just like danmark

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Silhouette ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ Giraffes ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ Golden Nature ~ 'Wild ' Dawn' by Martin Wait.

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A lot of old photos have strong exposure, which can lead to gorgeous imagery, a lot of which could perhaps benefit from the likes of text overlay.

Gifts for Kids: Zebra Adoption Kit at World Wildlife Fund

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“Being born in a duck yard does not matter, if only you are hatched from a swans egg” Hans Christian Andersen

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These geese flying in front of the sunset is a technique using both reflective photography and motion capture imagery. I like how the silhouettes are highlighted by the rays of the setting sun.