Wow i would DIE

And then you give him one of those cute little peck-y kisses on the cheek and continue to draw. "you know, you're really bad at drawing right?" Leo says knowing it would come out sooner or later. "Well at least I didn't name him Happy" you taunt back.

Percy Jackson/ SpongeBob  humor

who knew Percy watched Spongebob. HD Wallpaper and background photos of percy meets neptune from spongebob for fans of The Heroes of Olympus images.

"Significant annoyance"

Thank you, Trials of Apollo.<<<My fav is definitely "Significant annoyance" XD<< uh clearly mine is Paolo's arms

pfftt... :)      (But CALYPZONED?!?!? BEST THING EVER.)

Hoo Hoo Hoo, like and owl! And on that note it's the same for the acronym Heroes of Olympus:D

<3 the ship is real<3

Next to the return of Leo, which wasn't even that good because I didn't get any of the reunions I wanted. Solangelo was the only good thing in this book

Trials of Apollo excerpt

TRIALS OF APOLLO SPOILERS BELOW He wonders why will is in to Nico cause he is really dark but he does not care because according to the book he has dated 33 girls and 11 boys