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Rhino the hamster in the animated film Bolt voice if disney animator Mark Walton!

*RHINO ~ Bolt, order to properly animate Rhino for Bolt, the crew adopted a real hamster which they called Doink and filmed it from beneath while it was walking on a sheet of Plexiglas. Thus they were able to see how Rhino would walk in his plastic ball.

Oliver & Company :)

This was one of my favorite parts of the movie, his food just looked so good to eat! I also love when the poodle puts her makeup on in her fancy room!" ^^^ so accurate

my facial expression in most of my childhood pictures.

Little girl's evil smile caption Welcome To My Birthday party Birthday's on Halloween birthday parties ha ha heh heh :DD

Rhino from BOLT interview by Chuck the Movieguy - YouTube

Chuck the Movieguy sits down with the legendary hamster Rhino from the Walt Disney movie Bolt to talk about the upcoming DVD.

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