1. Sarah Lucas: Uses ready-made material like nylons, furniture etc. Her work usually tends to gravitate towards abstraction linked with ideas of gender and sexuality, humour and confrontation.

An occasional, and highly selective, pick of current and forthcoming exhibitions. Sarah Lucas , Nud , 2010 The British Art Show In.

Claytwist | takayuki sakiyama — Patternity

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Mu Boyan, "Process 5"

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Sarah Lucas Nud Cycladic

Sarah Lucas [UK] (b "NUD CYCLADIC Nylon tights, synthetic fibre, breeze blocks and steel wire x 44 x 43 cm)

Aug 1, 2013 Susie MacMurray

The first ever solo exhibition by artist Susie MacMurray, famed for her large-scale installations in historic buildings, begins in London this week.

au naturel obras importantes

Las 47 obras más importantes en la historia del arte

Sarah Lucas, Au Naturel 1994 Mattress, water bucket, melons, oranges and cucumber/ sedež

Frieze Frame | Sarah Lucas's Bedside Manner - NYTimes.com

Frieze Frame

After the art fair, many in the audience have ended their nights at the St. John Hotel, where the artist, who has spent most of the week in her pajamas, holds court.

Sarah Lucas ‘NUD CYCLADIC 10’, 2010 © Sarah Lucas

Sarah Lucas ‘NUD CYCLADIC 10’, 2010 © Sarah Lucas