Tribal Crescent Moon Floral Tattoo  Tabatha

Elegant tattoo designs are the result of loads of research and an expert artist crafting a masterpiece that goes beyond simple tattooing and moves int.

moon # crescent moon # moon series # waxing moon # zentangle ...

Waxing crescent is the moon phase on the day I was born. This tattoo represents me along with the meaning of the symbol.

celtic-triskell-moon-tattoo by thistleholly, via Flickr

Celtic Triskell Moon Tattoo Seriously considering this tattoo or one similar to it.

Like the idea of putting one pic in the confines of another image.thinking Disney castle inside something else?

Disegno tatuaggio clessidra con luna crescente

Crescent Moon and Hourglass Tattoo by ~Metacharis on deviantART Like the curved hourglass

Design by Kasey Burns

Even though this is a link to a personalized letter stationary by SimplyFreehand on Etsy, I love the detail in this and it's something. I could see this in a tattoo. "I love you to the moon and back".