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I love maps and always have! I'd have a roomful of maps on the walls if I had the room for it! Old school maps the teacher pulled down in front of the blackboard

Vintage Holly Hobbie/ this was what my room was when I was little... I loved it!

This brought back lots of memories, I loved my Holly Hobby doll! {k} Absolutely loved Holly Hobbie as a child!

Sweet memories!  Both of my grandmothers had one of these...

My grandmas kitchen stool I use to sit on at the dinner table.my Aunt had one of these stools in her Kitchen! Loved it!

An old fashioned washing machine. Remember those?  #washing machines

My grandma used this type of washer when I was a kid. I remember wringing out clothes through that wringer on top! I remember when Mom got her first automatic washing machine!

tulumbalar ile ilgili görsel sonucu

We had city water, but we had some neighbors and my Great Grandmother had a water pump. I remember pumping a bucket of water for the horses at our friends' house/farm.

...inheriting your grandmother's dressing table..?

This looks similar to my Moms' dressing table. When I was a kid I'd spend hours on end sitting on the stool and playing with my Mom's make-up and jewelry. I can still smell her perfume when she was going to a dance with my dad.

The best part of jelly shoes was wearing them in Summer. Getting home after a sweaty day of playing outside, the dirt on your feet had a lovely criss cross pattern on them

80 Totally Awesome Things From The '80s

I wouldn't wear Jelly Shoes today, but I used to have a pair in EVERY color! I wore them all the time; they were my favorite shoe.

Summer vacations spent listening to the local country station on the old clock radio as I fell asleep - such fond memories <3

G&E alarm clock radio with flip numbers. I can still hear that click noise it made when the numbers flip.

FotoMat. Cement Base Where Little Building Was Is Still In The Shopping Center Parking lot Far End Past Food Store where Waldbaums Was {Now Moriches Market, Chase Bank} In Center Moriches Long Island New York.

What became of America’s Drive-Thru Fotomat? - Remember these? Once upon a time, in an era when mankind had to wait an unimaginable 24 hours to see how holiday snaps and selfies had turned out, there was . the trusty Fotomat.

the Gravitron

Remember this ride? The barrel pins you to the wall while the floor drops! I haven't seen this in years. The previous Pinner said that this ride has been virtually eliminated from theme parks. I remember riding this at Six Flags Magic Mtn.

Drive-in movie in Pensacola. Word to the wise, put the speaker back before driving off. That is all I am saying.

Drive-In Movie Sound System.Speakers at the drive in.one for your car.one for the car on the other side of you.what fun it was! Not so much fun to drive away at the end of the movie with the speaker still clipped to your window!