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map, My Grandfather came from a small town near the Austrian border.

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This was supposed to be the last day of our trip:) We spent an unexpected night in Israel because of a flight delay but we are now on the way again. As we had our connections through Turkey and w…


I want to visit the konak square clock tower saat kulesi, izmir Turkey. it is a monument built in 1901 for a 25 year anniversary for a sultan, a given gift.


A hill showing Uchisar Castle cave houses in Cappadocia, central Turkey Amazing place to visit - You can walk in these houses and see paintings, churches, everything right in that one area. Temp is cool and everything shaded. Like built-in free AC!

Istanbul Map by La Tigre

The city of two continents: Istanbul map by La Tigre for Air Canada


Scandinavia 2015 AD: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Denmark - by Martin Haake