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L.B.M. 1911 2801 Fit Jacket In Winter Look - The Nordic Fit

Another fall/winter look photographed last year, this one combines some quite basic elements and some great winter fabrics. Moleskin jacket, wool pocket square, wool flannel trousers and soft brushed merino wool socks are all very much at home on a mi…





Navy and Grey - The Nordic Fit

I was wearing my unstructured navy c…

Off-White Trousers And Brown Suede Double Monk Strap Shoes - The Nordic Fit

Today's look combines navy, dark red, ivory and brown suede. As usual, I've gone with items that have an interesting texture and vibrant colors. The ivory moleskin trousers are great in that they look nowhere near as flashy as pure white trousers (and…

How To Dress Formal Without A Suit - The Nordic Fit

Pretty much as formal as I go when it comes to work outfits nowadays, this one features some basics you can think of when going into a situation where a suit is a bit of an overkill and a casual sport coat look just doesn't really cut it.