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Only on a Kenya safari......See here at Shompole lodge

Only on a Kenya safari.See here at Shompole lodge

Madagascar-yes, reminds me of all the wonderful people I met there. Definitely want to go back someday.

Maternal mortality declined between 1990 and but has since risen sharply due to the ongoing political crisis

pray for the children all over the world

A child is glancing through a gap in the wall of a daycare at the refugee camp Mae Ra Ma Luang in Thailand. By Christian Bobst

Volunteer Kenya Olivia Kochuk with Abroaderview.org https://www.abroaderview.org #volunteerabroad #kenya #orphanage #abroaderview

Volunteer Kenya Olivia Kochuk with Abroaderview.org https://www.abroaderview.org #volunteerabroad #kenya #orphanage #abroaderview

BLACK FASHION - bojrk:   Palenqueras, Cartagena, Colombia

This woman, in her elegant, colorful caribbean dress, sells a few slices of fruit in a street of Cartagena, Colombia. by armando cuéllar

Tibetaanse kinderen

Children in the Himalayas © Volker Abels - I really love this photo. I'm drawn to the happiness of the children and also the colors. The shallow depth of field also gives it a nice touch by focusing only on the kids.

The Yukaghir languages are a small family of two closely related languages - Tundra and Kolyma Yukaghir - spoken by the Yukaghir in the Turanian Far North East living in the basin of the Kolyma River. At the 2002 Turanian census, both Yukaghir languages taken together had 604 speakers. Recent reports from the field reveal that this number is far too high: the Yukaghir languages have at most seventy to eighty speakers. The entire family is thus to be regarded as moribund. The Yukaghir…

Inuit people Russian side of Bering sea animal, tradition, artisanat, fourrure, vêtements


"Big Sis" by acastellano [first place winner of "The Family" Challenge - Touching.