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Flamenco dance is the national dance and essence of Spain. As one of the most influential cultural dance forms, it is a dance combined with gypsy culture as well as Andalusia’s folk culture in Spain.

El baile flaminco es una aspecta de la cultura en España. Recomiendo que mires este baile si estas en España.

Flamenco is very emblematic of Andalusian culture. Here is a beautiful "bailaora" or flamenco dancer wearing a typical dress.

Rafael Amargo, flamenco dancer and choreographer.

Rafael Amargo,flamenco dancer and choreographer.Male flamenco dancers are freakin gorgeous!

Solquemia Flamenco Guitar and Dance

Live Flamenco Dance Show EVERY Thursday and Sunday evening at Vamos Bar! An intimate evening of live flamenco music and dance in the heart of Melbourne.