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Two friends forever

Love the idea but its one of those ones that'd make my best friends question why they're friends with me.

Aww cute

After knowing each other since elementary school, these cute 4 girls are now graduates! As they start a new chapter in their live.

Thanks guys for coming to my graduation party, i had a great time! if theres anything else you wanted to say or pin, feel free to. i graduate this friday. ill be rping on the laufeyson family board. this was my favorite pic we took tonight! i will love and miss you guys! (left to right) @Olivia Holt (Laufeyson) @Alex Gibbons @Kinsley Laufeyson @Hannah Johnstone (Laufeyson)  and ME at the end!

These girls need to get to each others ears bc it looks weird but if they did that I'd like it

friends shoot

friends shoot

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