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These strange but true everyday sayings. | 21 Tumblr Posts That’ll Make You Say “Whoa, Wait, What?"

These strange but true everyday sayings.

Hope you enjoy this postie-wostie

Hope you enjoy this postie-wostie

Yep, just like during class, when everyone stops to stare at the window and watch the rain like there's been a three year drought.

When I first saw this I was all indignant like "that's not true" but the next time I was in the car I just went "cows" and in that moment I realized I was the American stereotype. And I'm not even American.

single in the womb, till the tomb

accurate, the first part i mean ✧ℓσνє уσυ тσ тнє мσσи αи∂ вα¢к ριитєяєѕт

Yeah pamela

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Wait wait the person who said "homicide" is perchu the guy who hates moreos!

"I don't know, I stop counting after the first..."*counts on fingers*•7..?centuries..? Then I think roughly a century and half later Shakespeare became a thing"*waves hand as dismissing subject*"So have you heard Demi Lovato's new song? Shakespeare would be SHOOK!"

This is almost certainly a Supernatural or Vampire Diaries reference that I'm not getting because I haven't seen them, but it would still be hilarious.<<<<it's not a supernatural one but it might be a vampire diaries one

Nope. No. No. Not happing. No blue ties. Totally last season! Silver is where it's at!

Not happing. No blue ties.And silver ties Totally last season! You need red ties