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Kids Next Door

“ what-am-i-even-doing-i-dont-know: “ Part 2 of my random findings of the extraordinary TKG, everyone! I’m telling you guys, you really need to check her stuff out!

knd 3 and 4 | tumblr_m5tfzkz9yb1ru2l58o1_500.jpg

Codename: Kids Next Door (The problem with your girlfriend liking Rainbow Monkeys too much).

I decided to just leave the lines completely black this time since it works better with the flat colours.

A Shojo AU where Brick and Blossom are siblings, but everyone else ain't related with each other. wwww In this scene, Butch and Blossom go to the same prestigious school while Brick goes to a norma.

Kids Next Door

alternate_hairstyle blonde_hair brown_hair codename:_kids_next_door earrings from_behind hand_in_pocket hat jewelry kneehighs lee_(knd) nigel_uno photo_(object) skirt sonya_(knd) standing sweater_vest t_k_g teenage yo-yo

Code Name: Kids Next Door - Numbuh 3

Code Name: Kids Next Door - Numbuh 3 loved this episode and I ship her and that guy that looks like a human version of a cyborg