Embroidery on eco printed fabric Mirjam Gielen

Ecoprinted cotton is a great canvas 🎨 to be 'painted' with embroidery thread 😍

Textile Artist Lauree Brown | Rock pools (detail)

Spotlight on Stitching and Beyond – Part Two

Textile Artist Lauree Brown detail Rockpools Spotlight on Stitching and Beyond

nui project

大田 智子 Tomoko Ota - This is reminds me of small drawings on scrap paper we do when waiting or are deep in thought. Lovely marks from the unconscious

Embroidery on ecoprinted wool by Mirjam Gielen

Embroidery on ecoprinted wool by Mirjam Gielen

I am delighted to introduce the contemporary embroiderer Louise Gardiner . She creates intricate, embellished, one-off designs that incorpor...

Lou Gardiner 'Leather Spontaniums' Free Machine Embroidery, Applique and Painting on Canvas. x 110 cm.

Ma fille brodée

Ma fille brodée

Embroidery scraps

I like the leaves going onto the border.

before it fades : Photo

Stitch Work Debra Weiss has a very special sense of intuitive picture making. She draws upon her background in textiles and years of mac.

Mixed Media Fiber Art - Lisa M. Parrott  (machine embroidery seems to have no feeling to me no matter how lovely...but this piece feels like hand embroidery, has feeling embedded. Why is that?? perhaps my esthetics have evolved?)

Fiber Collage - Lisa M.

❤ =^..^= ❤ Gallery One - Mandy Pattullo

Thread and Thrift-Green Piece, Mandy Pattullo

embroidery works by Yumiko Arimoto

Yumiko Arimoto embroidery for Sina

Bonjour canard  Louise Gardiner  Machine embroidery

Louise Gardiner: Inspiration is sporadic and surprising.

Embroidery titled Seep by Carol Walker. metallic and cotton flosses; Base is medium weight linen. The product of a crabby mind.

FIBERTIGER: Britta Lincolns broderier

Embroidery by Britta Lincoln

#embroidery #floral #Louise Gardner  Embroidery artist.  Very inspiring and amazing work!

Louise Gardiner - Contemporary Embroidery - Shop - Limited Edition Prints and Silk Scarves

Embroidery by Sabatina Leccia

Embroidery by Sabatina Leccia