I need this

(Lundia solid wood bookshelves) I would take custom built ceiling to floor bookcases over jewelry any day.

Built-in wall bookshelf.

the boo and the boy: decor. Bookshelves to go under the skeiling in the bedroom/attic

Gorgeous space...

Clever design solutions to STORAGE - BOOKCASES & SHELVING (I have always loved BOXES! (in this age of e-readers and e-books - still love hard-copy books)… Bookcases in a hallway/pass-thru. That's right exploit every single space possible.

Inspiração: apartamento branco                              …                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

Inspiração: apartamento branco

dvd storage for apartment. and good use of small wall space. Dvds and books storage.


Bookcase Good, Great, or just OK? Bookcase This Father And Son Duo Made The Most Insane Bookshelves 60 Creative Bookshelf Ideas My House Feels So Boring After

Reading nook.

Interior Design: place books on shelf. place chair next to books. place lamp next to chair. repeat until house is full.

The book book shelf is created by the Londonbased designstudio not tom

thedailywhat: “ Bookshelf Design Concept of the Day: “Book Book Shelf” by Not Tom. Made from books no one wanted to buy at a jumble sale that Not Tom attended.] ” it is like those awesome.