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Vernon is jungshook

Vernon is jungshook

Mingyu you are special XD

I legit thought he was serious and I'm all like 'aww that's so sweet' then I realize this boy was referring to their real names I'm done 💀

Jeonghan, Seventeen, Husband, Lee Jihoon

Say the name, SEVENTEEN! members and units #kpop #SEVENTEEN     { made by Jade Batugo @NewtAndHisLimp }

for any member of any group no matter their popularity(individual or group members) just spread the love with a positive saying. and/or praise. lets start a random act of kindness for our kpop idols. spread the word:)

Filofobia. #KpopAwards2017 - VIII. - Wattpad

Filofobia. - VIII.

fyjww: “ “ 160820 ‘like seventeen’ sd in jakarta double u

Vernon how can you be so perfect...I'm going to need to make a seventeen board

She found that she rather liked her new hair, all messy and shaggy, even if it was a bit short; at least, it certainly helped to obscure who she really was.