Dark Horse's BioShock Infinite Art Contest. Art by Coey Kuhn!

BioShock Infinite ~ Dark Horse Art Contest Grand Prize Winner by Coey Kuhn

Booker DeWitt by Tanuki Tony  https://www.facebook.com/Gamers-Interest-188181998317382/

pixalry: “Bioshock: Booker DeWitt - Created by Ekaterina Chernikova”

Bioshock Infinite mega poster post. Spoilers! - Album on Imgur okay right, he is not leading the 'lamb' astray, for one of Booker didn't come calling Elizabeth never would have succeeded Comstock in the way she was meant to

Bioshock Infinite mega poster post. Spoilers!

BioShock Infinite - The False Shepherd Seeks Only To Lead Our Lamb Astray Poster Posters


Title: Bioshock Artist: Johann Corgié Big daddy and little sister checking on a splicer

First awesome video game character that has my first name.

Join the Vox Populi! Irrational Games Announces E-Book Prequel to BioShock Infinite

Mirco Cabbia

Mirco Cabbia