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Delightful Neutral White

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Milk + Creamer - sugar bowl stays in place while you tip the pitcher

Newton Milk & Sugar Set White

Tonfisk design -Newton (Milk + Creamer - sugar bowl stays in place while you tip the pitcher)

Les bols en cuir de Loewe

Les bols en cuir de Loewe

Eva Solo Smiley Bowl is a unique hand-blown glass bowl with an inner and outer bowl that's perfect for holding nuts and shells, candy and wrappers, chips and dip and much more. Available in glossy black, lime, white, red and transparent clear.

Eva Solo Smiley Bowl

Eva Solo Bowl Smiley black - This hand-blown glass bowl is smiling at you. And that´s precisely why this bowl is named Smiley. What makes Smiley so special? It´s actually two bowls in one: an outer bowl and an inner bowl.

ART INSTALLATION: Shadow Art ~ Detail, colour, and cohesive images emerge from a collection of seemingly erratic items - making elegant sense of what can be a jumble of user data and generated content.

Base para enredadera

half cilinder made of wooden honeycombs, tied together with nuts and bolts