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gorillaz | Tumblr

gorillaz | Tumblr

Listening by MiMomiaaaaaaaaaa on DeviantArt

Listening by MiMomiaaaaaaaaaa on DeviantArt

peliazus # wattpad

(U w U✿) 📸 ¦ 2d0c🌹 _

Read 💊XXII💊 from the story imágenes ¦ by nx_persxnxlity (M Ø NICA) with reads.

brooOOOOM by supremecatlord

brooOOOOM by supremecatlord on DeviantArt

Image result for the gorillaz noodle

Noodle grew up so much.


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Agkskdks noodle is my childdd!

Noodle had a nightmare and Murdoc was the only one in the house.

Strobelite gorillaz

Strobelite gorillaz

gorillaz | Tumblr

gorillaz | Tumblr

Gorillaz, Stuart pot, noodle, humanz

y u make me cri liek dis

I'm all up in your buttness : Photo

is it android noodle or cyborg noodle I see it as either everywhere and it's confusing me. Cyborg Noodle Chomping on a Necklace

Mi Bijin...

This is platonically adorable

En lo más Los retratos musicales de LERMS: Hace mucho tiempo que no publicábamos nada nuevo de… #Ilustración #México #retrato

Los retratos musicales de LERMS

I don't know who drew this, but it is awesome!

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