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I guess you could say I'm obsessed at this point☽☼☾

tomorrow is just another today. How do we make tomorrow different from today? pretty soon there will be so many tomorrows past that you are old and most of the stuff you wasted your life on don't even matter anymore!

So powerful. I love poems that so perfectly describe feelings we didn't know could be described.

I just want to break down . but I can't because i'm too strong or too weak depression quote (bgt) this is the worst! hate this

Oh silly girl

she's so beautiful yet so sad always saying no one will ever love her, and yet when somebody tells her that they love her she runs and hides silly girl, they love you, you just don't love yourself.

Image result for rainy day motivational quotes

Image result for rainy day motivational quotes

This is so true

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Sleepless.. | We Heart It

Every night she lies awake Blaming insomnia. But it's her troubled thoughts That keep her restless. Wondering if she will ever Find peace with her mind. - how I often feel.

Though I wish you were there, smiling in your sleep and chest slightly expanding and flexing.

contexted: and i’ll call this one, “stop writing sad poems and go to sleep”.It's nothing wrong with expressing your true feelings but always reach out to someone who cares :)