"Drawn to See" by James Lincke. Original in colour.

Illustration inspiration

Eye drawing by Unknown in the style of Maurits Cornelis Escher. Everyone is trying to change how you see things

Fantastik Neşriyat: Zaman Çarkı Resim Albümü 3

I LOVE this illustration! The Earth Goddess, she is fertility, feminine beauty, mastery and compassion. She vowed to live every incarnation in the body of a woman.

by Kelly Thompson.

"I think this might be by Kelly Thompson, a New Zealand fashion illustrator? Either way, gorgeous eyes.

0010 by VasiljGodzh.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Art 2 scratch boards: These amazing drawings created with lines and ink are the work of Russian designer and illustrator Vasilj Godzh. Enjoy and be inspired!

Realistic Portraits by Christina Papagianni - colored pencil

Realistic Portraits by Christina Papagianni. The artist did an amazing job giving the eyes life.