When you find an 'everyone's alive' au.

I feel like she would be totally on board for it though. Just like he'd write her, and the next week a giant-ass box full of Nimbus would be plopped down by like 8 owls in the main hall.


So all you James Potter haters can back the heck off. And the reason Lily chose him over Snape is because James grew up for Lily, and Snape didn't.

Daniel Radcliffe on the death of Alan Rickman

Instead of pretending to know and feel a great loss of Alan Rickman, even though I have never met him, here is Daniel Radcliffe, someone who did know him and love him.

I'm dead now<<< except they don't cause Harry drops the stone and they disappear before moldy voldy kills him.

The first one doesn't really bother me. (I love book and movie Hermione) but good lord "lumos" and "calmly" make me nerd rage

My father will hear about this

My father will hear about this<<<< YES (though the person who wrote this used the word "stupidest" implying that they aren't intelligent either. Sorry, I'm a Ravenclaw, no disrespect to the person who wrote the complaint)

Harry Potter

Yeah I mean they did WAYYY better then some book movie adaptations. As a PJO fan believe me, but yeah I kinda want to see these

Sirioulsly...<< it's : siriusly...

>>>> they do understand other animals bc Sirius understood crookshanks

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I feel like James and Ginny would have gotten along really well. Like Harry and Ginny would start dating and Ginny would become BFFs with James and they'd have inside jokes and team up against Harry during Quidditch.