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tokyo ghoul yoshimura eto high resolution black sclera character name green eyes green hair heterochromia looking away mismatched sclera red eyes short hair smile solo upper body

Name: Alex Kirishimo Height: 5'5  Age: 19  Weight: 111 Hi Hi Hi Hi~! My name is Alex, but you call me Ms. Kirishimo, got it?...Just kidding! You should've seen the look on your face...ah anyways, I'm Alex, I love writing, music, um what else? Oh! Candy, I like candy! People are usually intimidated by me, just because I have so much energy. But I promise I don't bite! Anyways, I have to go. Chow!

It is very good to join party to cosplay wig show and match cosplay costume. Now star you the same as the Sen Takatsuki Eto in Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay for cosplay.

Takatsuki Sen | Eto

Takatsuki Sen | Eto

Eto | Tokyo Ghoul

Eto Yoshimura

In Tokyo Ghoul:re chapter Eto revealed that she's a ghoul to the whole world. She also announced the arrival of a new One-Eyed King who is not herself.

takatsuki sen , tokyo ghoul , tokyo kushu , anime girl , eto

takatsuki sen , tokyo ghoul , tokyo kushu , anime girl , eto