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Van Gogh Now.Maybe do artist research and have student do a selfie in front of the famous artwork.

На Петровке.

Alexey Kondakov Photoshops Classical Paintings Into Contemporary Urban Settings

Legography: Lego Minifigures Taking Pictures In Real World | HiConsumption

Pocket : The dangerous, beautiful life of a Lego minifig photographer UK-based photographer Andrew Whyte


Art in Advertisements

Gambling on the Last Supper table -- Is this blasphemy?

A blasphemous copy of the Last Supper to advertise some online gambling website.

Andy Warhol. Photo: William John Kennedy, 1964.

We interrupt to bring you this William John Kennedy photo of Warhol & flowers. Untitled (Warhol Flowers I) William John Kennedy

Starry Night. It's like my favorite painting....but TWICE as much. Or like 1 and 3/4 since it's all hazy in the reflection

Starry Night reflections.

"Eu prefiro morrer de paixão do que de tédio"

An artist by the name of LoopyDave created this awesome caricature painting of Van Gogh with that distinct style only LoopyDave has! If your loving this art.

Groundskeeper Willie from the Simpsons. Vangoh style.

15 Pop Culture Riffs On Van Gogh