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Cancer Zodiac Sign ♋ explains it.

Cancer Zodiac Sign.

Cancer Zodiac Sign ♋ So very true!

Fun zodiac facts here!

Fun zodiac facts here!

Zodiac Cancer facts.

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Hahaha so true but it's because people would think I'm crazy

Oh, this is the truth! What goes on in a cancers head is very different from what they let on to the world

Just don't ever lie to a Cancer as they can see it coming from a mile away and will never look at you the same way.

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Could go on for an hour, could go on for days, weeks, etc. The point is, I NEED to be alone. I'm not isolating myself to see "who's a true friend~"; I need time to be alone to figure out WHAT I'm feeling, and WHY

A Cancer& expression of sadness - isolation from everyone. OMG I don& usually go in for the astrology signs crap, but this is sOoooooO true of me

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Cancer's best match is a Pisces, since they see everything 2 ways, and accept both your way and theirs as correct.    I speak from experience. I have my own Pisces man, who loves me very much.

A Cancer needs a romantic partner who can accept their moodiness.