get this look with CAbi's It Girl Cami, Everly Jacket and Brett deconstructed jeans!

(D)03/2 Kaira - Dyanne SS14 - Online Shoppen - Dyanne Beekman

vest Kaira in iron grey met rugpand in off white met my night print over de t-shirt Tito in off white met my night print op de jeans Skinny denim blue.

Opt for a deep blue blazer and blue skinny jeans to achieve a chic look. Choose a pair of burgundy leather booties to instantly up the chic factor of any outfit.   Shop this look on Lookastic: https://lookastic.com/women/looks/navy-blazer-white-crew-neck-t-shirt-blue-skinny-jeans-burgundy-ankle-boots/9131   — White Crew-neck T-shirt  — Navy Blazer  — Blue Skinny Jeans  — Burgundy Leather Ankle Boots

Women's Navy Blazer, White Crew-neck T-shirt, Blue Skinny Jeans, Burgundy Leather Ankle Boots

Boyfriend Jeans 2015

Boyfriend Jeans kombinieren: SO geht's richtig (und du siehst nicht aus wie eine Tonne!)