I imagine the occassional patrol or the particularly out-of-control battle with the bad guy requires a very snuggly, angst-ridden sleepover on the couch now and then. Everyone needs to recuperate a.

Do not repost on deviantArt or Tumblr When sharing my art in other places, always leave credit and a link to the original. Thank you. I have a feeling that some identical twins might recognize them...

TMNT - Guessing Game by Myrling on DeviantArt<- This makes me laugh as hard as it should (which is a lot) comic << Mikey's crying, Donnie tries to find a logical reason, Leo is ashamed, and Raph.

Wow!!!!Raph Is Blushing More Than Anyone!!!!! I Wonder If Raph Likes April? Donnie Would Be Soooo Jealous

Mikey: But how? Me: Cuz girls are tougher. *walks away like a boss* Leo, Raph, Donnie: OOOOHHHHHH.

Doctor Donnie by Myrcury-Art on deviantART

Doctor Donnie by Myrcury-Art on deviantART. mikey is sooo adorable