And I want some dam french fries! <--I want a dam t-shirt! Only the dam percy jackson fans would get this! <<<< do you get it and are still sane or are you an insane pjo fan

Paul is amazing. Just as Sally is. One thing that makes Percy so awesome is that his parent figures actually love, care and can be there for him.

Sally & Paul <<< yayyyy im so glad they wrote it so that paul understood thank the gods>>> Awww sally and Seaweed brain. Im still crying because of GABE

Haha this is funny and I had to check some books to make sure all was correct but most I could tell right away

Have a Merry demigodly Christmas! I will never get tired of the Percy Jackson series

Idgaf Jason is BETTER.  I hate when ppl r like "has jason even did this" or whatever like who gaf? I dont

Even people who aren't in the fandom are freaking team percy that's how strong percabeth is Really? I didn't even know Team Jason existed. That's how much team Percy I am.

Oh percy

This is the best and the saddest thing I have ever read. Does this count as Percico or is it just Nico feels? <<< I'm gonna go with Nico feels just cause I like solangelo better but hey it's whatever

This is true. Very.

I'm pretty sure the only reason Percy Jackson is alive is because the Fates are serious Percabeth fangirls.

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