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❝ Ich glaube du hast mein Interesse geweckt, Kim Seokjin. ❞    Namjoo… #fanfiction # Fan-Fiction # amreading # books # wattpad

Page Turner [NamJin]

Read Kapitel 8 from the story Page Turner [NamJin] by eatpinkjin (❝JAEBUM-AH❞) with reads. Seokjin Das Piepen des Weckers riss m.

when I first saw this (during the video) I almost choked because he was so beautiful

Rap Monster OMG!

Rap Monster OMG!

Kim Namjoon... what are you doing?

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Namjoon Happy birthday my little monster

BTS National on

Namjoon alone

Page 3 Read WINGS - STIGMA from the story [Fanfic] Antifan lại đây! by Linhmxx (Bossie) with 840 reads.