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Jökulsárlón is a large glacial lake in southeast Iceland. Giant chunks of ice make their way from the lake to the nearby Atlantic Ocean through tidal currents and once there, either melt or drift off.

Summery Aerial Photographs of Australia – Fubiz Media

Summery Aerial Photographs of Australia

Turquoise water and abstract patterns of Australia from the height of bird flight 03

These Photos Prove Australia Is The Most Stunning Place On Earth

Interview with Gabriel Scanu I discovered Gabriel Scanu’s drone work ( late last year and was completely blown away by his unique drone views of Australia. What caught my eye was not just his fresh perspective on Australia’s.

Ever wondered how the moon affects the tides of water on Earth? Long…

Ever wondered how the moon affects the tides of water on Earth? Long story short, it’s gravity. As the moon orbits the Earth, it exerts a gravitational pull on the Earth. Since the Earth is significantly larger, it doesn't actually move towards the moon,

Eduard Imhof, gouache painted map of the area around Walensee, Switzerland, 1938.  Original image measures 9.6m in width and illustrates he area around Walensee at 1:10,000. Work appeared in Imhof's classic text Cartographic Relief Representation which had a single purpose in teaching the means by which to represent relief in maps.   |  http://mapdesign.icaci.org/2014/02/mapcarte-58365-karte-der-gegend-um-den-walensee-by-eduard-imhof-1938/

Eduard Imhof, Karte der Gegend um den Walensee, - Begging for some Type.

Google Image Result for http://www.deviantart.com/download/177421700/wip___samurai_mask_by_ificanonlysee-d2xmrgk.jpg

WIP still in the process of finishing this design. i hope to submit it in a tshirt contest like threadless WIP - samurai mask

Swimming pool Flat and ambiguous space — Aerial — Pixodium

Swimming pool Flat and ambiguous space — Aerial — Pixodium

Simply Amazing - Gallery

30 Images And Gifs That Are Simply Amazing

Wave viewed from underwater, animated .gif so be sure to click through to view. This is AMAZING.

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