Chocolate cake and macarons - Tea time perler beads by starmiti

Um eep omigosh those macarons are adorable!~ >//w//< I'm feeling this for play food options~ .

Sugar Skull Magnete Tag der tot Dekor Dia de los von CherryPicks

Sugar Skull Magnets Day of the Dead Decor Dia de los Muertos Calavera Perler Beads

my little pony with spike

MY LITTLE PONY Hair Barrettes made of Pearler beads by MadamFandom on ETSY. Think these would look good in someone's hair for everyday wear or just cosplay?

アイロンビーズ ミニチュア おやつセット

アイロンビーズ ミニチュア おやつセット

Peeler Beads - Emojis

Step by Step Emoji Crafts: DIY Emoji Crafts Toys Ideas costumes, shirts Cookies Stickers & Pins

fruit hama perler bead craft pattern crossstitch design

DIY Gift Idea: Fun Fruit Keyrings