And why did he want one? Because "the Potter boy has one, dad!" Remember that last scene??!

Had to post this right away! Lol - and Albus has a ferret in the deathly hallows epilogue probably because Harry told them the ferret story

Headcannon where Scorpius thinks Neville is the bomb and Draco is just like well this is awkward

Dear Dad, My herbology professor told me you went to Hogwarts together. I bet he was the coolest student back then cause he sure is the coolest professor we have now.

We all know this happened at some point & probably more than once

I can imagine frustrated Sirius going *he confessed, the fu.k is wrong with you?

Lily Potter (Harry's kid, not mom, FYI. Also, the ghost is Myrtle. This is for all you non-potterheads)

Lily Potter (Harry's kid, not mom, FYI. Also, the ghost is Moaning Myrtle. This is for all you non-potterheads) harry potter-hogwarts

Dear Fred, // Your Alleged Secret Love, Hermione

I agree with the previous pinned: "Rowling originally planned Hermione/Fred. I'm glad she switched it, but this is kind of great.

You would be the best father-in-law ever, too, Arthur

She grew up in the muggle world, Arthur wants to know all about it. So for all holidays he qualifies for; she buys him things from the muggle world.

There will always be a part of my hair that's bubblegum pink for you. And i think sandy brown too for remus.

Lol took me a second to get it

She got with Ron because she got obliviated by Draco a month before the war started, because he knew if people knew they were together they would hunt Hermione down. So that's that and I'm crying.

Dear Harry, // Sincerely, Arthur

Dear Harry, of course you can marry Ginny, but you can only get my blessing if you can tell me how those Muggle airplanes stay up. Sincerely, Arthur<<this is a very cannon headcannon