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Troll Shaman

World of WarCraft. Resto Shaman was probably my favorite character to play! I think I got it to level 60 something.

Frost Ward by AlexGarner.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Ice Barrier Secret: When your hero is attacked gain 8 Armor. "This is Rank Rank 2 is Chocolate Milk Barrier." by Alex Garner

Troll Shaman with Tier 10 effect My favorite shaman armor!

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Worgen - I miss the Firelands dailies :')

Awesome World of Warcraft Worgen By Eric Braddock via deviantART

Phadalus The Enlightened by ~Arsenal21 on deviantART

Phadalus the Enlightened World of Warcraft Trading Card Game - Through the Dark Portal