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Ooooooo I like this one

Mostpouffer: (mist-poof-er) a mysterious sound heard over the ocean in quiet, foggy weather.


Comment a sentence (or more) using this supposed word! It will definitely be a foudroyant challenge and now listen---sh! You hear it? The tintinnabulation of distant bells.

pronunciation | 'li-ri-poop\                              #liripoop, noun, english, origin: latin, smart, intelligent, paradoxes, silly, useful things to say about people you don't like very much, words, otherwordly, other-wordly, definitions, L,

Liripoop (n) Pronunciation English, Origin : Latin. A Smart Trick or Stratagem (n) A Silly Person.


oculoplania (n.) letting your eyes wander in order to assess someone's 'charms' 😊 ASSessing Eye Candy!