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"Not to get technical, but according to chemistry - alcohol is a solution." Great excuse for a drink!

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"I hate it when I'm singing a song and the artist gets the words wrong". Some where over the rainbow, way up sky. Did she get that wrong?

Ladies... the answer can be found via:    any male + any small object (aka target) = "Oblivion"

Ain't this the truth? Hair ties and bobby pins both!

Our Kids When Their In Middles School Dance & Theme Is The 2010's. | via Facebook

Our kids will probably go to a middle school dance and the theme is the They'll wear leggings with ugg boots and twerk to call me maybe.

Ur future

No, I am not single. I am in a long distance relationship, because my boyfriend lives in the future………… good quotes about being a single christian

Tisk tisk

OR don't you text at me in that tone of voice.and the old saying "don't you look at me in that tone of voice." Love 'em all.

Dammit again.

"Celery is water & not pizza.and this is why I can do without celery.

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So true but at work not school. If I was in a quiet classroom I would def go to sleep. Good thing I work with kids!

It's true but I'm working on recognizing my body's sense of fullness and hunger

I like to push my body to the limit but not in the healthy living way. More like in the how much pasta can I eat before I'm unable to move way.

I usually try to keep my sadness pent up inside where it can fester quietly as a mental illness.

Sad but unfortunately it is so true for a lot of people. Being sad is part of being human in this fallen world. Some people think showing sadness/vulnerability is a sign of weakness but its not! It's a sign of bravery!