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Bland Marvel Headcanon - I love this for the whole "Deadpool gets in one of his moods and trains an army of kittens into a lethal black ops task force" thing.


Rocket hates the Dark, so he keeps a jar of Groot's glowing spores by his bed at night.<<<<so he’s hoarding his sperm?

anyone would want to publish it.

This is actually kinda canon tho! In the comics Cap and Wolverine fight in together and Cap really does save Magneto from his nazi captors.

This is cute!! Except for Clint actually isn't deaf, he's hearing impaired

(Bland Marvel Headcanons) Even though I actually ship Lokane, I could go with this.--> Yes, Loki and Darcy!

Bland Marvel Headcanons

Bland Marvel Headcanons <<< I literally gasped so quietly when I read this. Thanks for all the feels Snow Queen.