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steam punk  Boston T.~ hahaha

The Judgy People Who Hate You For Being So Judgy On OkCupid

Write about something you NEVER thought you would try OR write about a time you needed teamwork to accomplish a goal

20 Things You Would Never Expect To See Ever

Funny pictures about The best picture from the 2011 Surfing Dog Competition. Oh, and cool pics about The best picture from the 2011 Surfing Dog Competition. Also, The best picture from the 2011 Surfing Dog Competition photos.


Boston Terrier carrying her pup in a backpack.very happy pic! Thank yu

Can I come with you?  Unless we're going to the vet, which in that case, then I'll stay home.

Labrador Retriever – Intelligent and Fun Loving – Pup Home

STAR WARS DOG hat costume yoda inspired HandmadeMonster Etsy

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Scott’s winter sweater

I don't really condone dressing up animals in clothing unless its a doggie coat to keep them warm on the colder days. but this dog in this sweater is so funny! Poor little thing!

Kiss it!

So DogGone FunnyFor Animals. Cute pup says, "If you don't like pitbulls you can kiss my hiney!

Ahh The Sweet Smell Of Spring Is Coming - Dogs & Animals ...

(ANIMAL PICTURES) There is something about flowers that fascinates us, and it seems animals are not immune to their charm. Don't forget to take the time to smell the flowers. These adorable animals certainly did! — Global Animal GA More Animal Space: