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10 Remarkable DIY Cleaning Solutions From simple shower cleaners, to carpet stain removers, to wrinkle release spray, not only were these DIY solutions much cheaper, but they work SO MUCH BETTER too!

Life hacks and household tips (infographic)

30 Quick and Easy Cleaning Tips for Every Room

50 Simple Tricks and Life Hacks That Will Make You Look Smart diy crafts diy ideas easy diy diy tips tips life hacks life hack money saving

Better Homes & Garden stain chart

3 Must-Know Tips for Removing Stains from Laundry

This looks like a great list, though I'd I have problem stains, I take them to my mother. If she can't get them out, that stain is permanent.  ===  1

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How Often You Should Clean Everything

How Often You Should Clean Everything

Get rid of yellow armpit stains - 1 part DAWN, 2 parts hydrogen peroxide; let sit for 1 hour; scrub with baking soda for stubborn stains; wash as usual

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Who knew? I knew about the dawn dish soap & gatorade. Actually used the gatorade to cure a few headaches. Been lucky enough not to try the dawn dish soap flea remedy.

How to Remove Set In Oil Stains or Grease Stains

How to Remove Set In Oil Stains or Grease Stains

Remove set in oil stains even washed and dried. Baking Soda, Dawn soap gone! After working at an olive oil store for three years this is a great pin to fnd

50 uses 50 uses for vinegar...who knew?

50 uses for vinegar…who knew?

Yup, we've got the how-to on cleaning your microwave...something you may not have really thought about before! Here's the safest, easiest way to do it yourself and make your appliance shine. And believe it or not, you probably already have everything you need. Click through for more.

How often you should clean your microwave — and the right way to do it

Yup, we've got the how-to on cleaning your microwave.something you may not have really thought about before! Here's the safest, easiest way to do it yourself and make your appliance shine.

How to Clean Your {Top-Loader} Washing Machine | One Good Thing by Jillee

How To Clean Your Top-Loading Washing Machine

"How to Clean Your {Top-Loader} Washing Machine. I just did this and man-o-man was my washing machine nasty. I am a neat freak too and have never cleaned my washer or dryer.

Dont throw away your old cookie sheets. Use hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to clean them with NO scrubbing! How cool is that? This stuff can clean almost anything!

how to clean cookie sheets.Make up a mixture of cup baking soda and enough hydrogen peroxide to make a nice paste and then rub it all over your cookie sheets and baking pans. Let it sit for a few hours and then rinse off.

DIY Laundry Stain Remover.  Did this with dawn/vinegar last night and got blackberry juice out of brand new white polo uni shirt of kiddos- More to just save this site!

DIY Laundry Stain Remover Pinner said: I found several old baby clothes that had yellow stains on them that were really dark. Some cleared up after one treatment, others after two. I was only left with a few items that didn't clear up!

2 Tbsp. Distilled White Vinegar 1 Tsp. Borax 1/8 cup Dawn Dishsoap 1 cup Hot Water Triggered Spray Bottle {16 oz.} Optional: Your Favorite Scent of Essential Oil Pour vinegar, borax and hot water into spray bottle. Then continue filling spray bottle with cool water. Add Dawn Dishsoap last. {no need to shake} Optional: Add in a few drops of your favorite scent of essential oil. It’s as easy as that!

Homemade 409 Recipe DIY (Frugal Girls) 2 tbsp distilled white vinegar 1 tsp borax cup Dawn dish soap 1 C hot water 16 oz spray bottle essential oil (optional - for scent) Pour vinegar, borax & hot water in spray bottle to mix. continue filling with