The Sagrada Familia by Gaudí - Barcelona... one of the most beautiful churches in the world and its not even finished yet

In Photos: Gaudi’s Barcelona

Roof of the Sagrada Familia, Spain

Barcelona - Ceiling of the Sagrada Familia, Spain. The columns of the interior are a unique Gaudí design. Besides branching to support their load, their ever-changing surfaces are the result of the intersection of various geometric forms.

Antonio Gaudí - La sagrada familia - España, Barcelona. S.XX, arquitectura…

Designed by the architect Antoni Gaudi, the man who revolutionized architecture by looking at a leaf, Sagrada Familia is a monument to Modernism.

Great photo or an intriguing place-La Sagrada Familia - Barcelona

Great photo or an intriguing place-La Sagrada Familia - Barcelona Spain

Barcelona, Spain (the backside of the church...the opposite side of this church is extremely modern and angular!)  very very odd!

Barcelona's La Sagrada Familia cathedral is still under construction nearly a century after architect Antoni Gaudi& death in 1926

Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia, World Heritage Site In Barcelona

La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona pinned with #Bazaart -

Basílica de Sagrada Família, Barcelona, Spain by Wendy Rauw**.and I hope to…

Yo quiero ir a Barcelona, un ciudad en España. Barcelona tiene muy bonito arquitectura como la Sagrada Família. ¡La iglesia de 558 pulgadas de alto!

The Sagrada Família is a large Roman Catholic church in Barcelona, designed by Catalan Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí. They offer tours and hold exhibits for tourists to look at.

El interior de la Sagrada Familia.  Como Católico devoto diseño la iglesia para pedir disculpas por todos los pecados del hombre.  Muchas detalles de la iglesia sirven para representar la historia de la biblia.

Sagrada Familia - Barcelona

You can't believe the imagination of Gaudi. Don't miss his residential buildings either. inside La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, where nature meets architecture