Frank Cheyne Pape - Illustration from "Don Quixote" Retold by Ronald D.

Vengo del Averno! Many more magical illustrations of Frank Cheyne Papé at

The life and artwork of English artist Frank Cheyne Pape.

Georg Lemberger, woodcut

"The Beast with the Lamb's Horns and the Beast with Seven Heads." Georg Lemberger - Woodcut Illustrations to an unidentified New Testament edition.

Frank Cheyne Papé ~ The Story of the Little Merman ~ 1909

Enjoy these rare images by Frank Cheyne Papé (British, for The Story of the Little Merman by Ethel Reader, published in 1909 .

Да простят меня все верующие и сочувствующие. Но так уж случилось, что сегодня даже не два праздника - Воскресение Господне и 1 мая, но даже три - праздник Бельтайна…

Satan Presides at the Sabbat Attended by Demons in Human or Animal Shapes Giclee Print [by Bernard Zuber]

Alexandre Perier, “Desengano dos peccadores, necessario a todo genero de pessoas, utilissimo aos missionarios, e aos prégadores desenganados, que só desejaõ a salvaçaõ das almas”

Death & Mysticism R. Alexandre Perier from the Society of Jesus, Torment of Eternity, Torments from Hell Used by the Missionaries, 1735

Black mass: Witches were believed to hold unholy masses where God and Christ were mocked

Gustave Doré: Welcome to another Sabbath Horror terror creepy scary

Detail from De verzoeking van Christus, 1491 - 1500, School of Martin Schongauer

Detail from De verzoeking van Christus, 1491 - School of Martin Schongauer




[Old School] Frank Cheyne Papé

“Maybe this world is another planet’s hell.” Aldous Huxley Frank C.