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Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994)

“I lived like a man who wanted to die but who had no courage to do it himself.” ― Anne Rice, Interview With The Vampire

For Everyone Who Thinks Alan Rickman's Role In "Galaxy Quest" Was His Best One

For Everyone Who Thinks Alan Rickman's Role In "Galaxy Quest" Was His Best One

“Galaxy Quest” Might Just Be Alan Rickman’s Greatest Movie Ever

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My So Called Life

One of my favorite My So Called Life Quotes ever. He's always closing his eyes like it hurts to look at things. Angela Chase and Jordan Catalano

Zoolander  2

Are You More Zoolander Or Hansel

Fight Club

Cinque film che ti cambiano la vita e ti fanno riflettere - Cinque cose belle

Michael will kill Toby to keep his mouth shut on his exit interview LOL

This is an animated reaction gif of Michael Scott quietly saying "I'll kill you" while he conceals his face with his hands.

Intervert personality. This is too funny!

John Mulaney - "In terms of like, instant relief, canceling plans is like heroin.

It wasn’t afraid to take shots at the source material. | 22 Reasons Everyone Should Love "Galaxy Quest"

If you don& love this movie, sorry, but you& wrong. It has everything: Tim Allen with a mullet, Alan Rickman in an alien skullcap, and Sigourney Weaver with Farrah Fawcett hair.