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embroidered suffragette hankerchief

Embroidery inscribed by imprisoned suffragettes in Holloway Prison, Photo via Museum of London.

Suffragette Handkerchief, made by women on hunger strike in Holloway prison in 1912 following their arrests as they campaigned for Votes for Women, they were 'bold for change’.

Suffragettes' handkerchief - embroidered with the signatures of women jailed for a window breaking demo whilst campaigning for votes for women. Dated Holloway Prison On display in the Priest House, West Hoathly

SUFFRAGETTE votes for women cabochon necklace.

SUFFRAGETTE votes for women cabochon necklace.

1867: MP John Stuart Mill supports equality for women in the Second Reform Act, but is defeated  1903: The Women's Social and Political party, later referred to as the suffragettes, holds its first meeting  1918: Representation of the People's Act allows women over 30 to vote  1928: Women over 21 get the vote

Were extreme suffragettes regarded as terrorists?

A protest march by women suffragettes in London with police in attendance. The banner held by the leading women reads Woman Suffragist Arrested in London'

Untitled Prison embroidery by Suffragettes, 1905 - 1914

Untitled Prison embroidery by Suffragettes, 1905 - 1914

Holloway Prison brooch awarded to suffragette Constance Collier

The Week in Estate Jewelry: Spiders, Flies, and a Bangle to Rule Us All

Rosa May Billinghurst 1876-1953. Rosa May (known as "May") gained prominence through her activities as a suffragette. At 5 months old, Rosa suffered an illness that left her whole body paralyzed.n the last big suffragette demonstration before the outbreak of World War One, May projected her tricycle towards the line of mounted policemen. After that, she chained her tricycle to the railings outside Buckingham Palace

Billinghurst at a protest - a british suffragette, arrested several times, who used a trike wheelchair and crutches because of her disability.

The Rokeby Venus, after it had been slashed by Suffragette Mary Richardson, 100 years ago today.

Stones thrown by suffragettes through Parliament's window a hundred years ago.

Stones thrown by Suffragettes through a Buckingham Palace window 100 years ago.- I read the stones the caption.