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Neatly Stacked - Triangular Tattoos That Beautifully Portray The Four Elements - Photos

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See this and similar background - Alchemy Black Temporary Tattoos collection with four triangles representing fire, water, air, earth in black.

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One day i'll get the mercury sign and the air sign somewhere seeing as I am a gemini I think these would be a much more unique tattoo idea as opposed to getting the normal gemini sign.

Earths 4 Elements: May Water cleanse you, May Air teach you, May Fire drive you, May Earth be a foundation for you.

Earths 4 Elements: Water cleanse you, Air teach you, Fire drive you, Earth a foundation for you.

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unique Geometric Tattoo - Triangle Tattoo 50 #TattooIdeasArm

unique Geometric Tattoo - Triangle Tattoo 50 #TattooIdeasArm