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A #yurt in Chingissin, Mongolia. A yurt is a portable, collapsible structure that is used by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia. The yurt consists of a circular wooden frame carrying a felt cover. The felt is made from the wool of the flocks of sheep that accompany the pastoralists.

A yurt in Chingissin, Mongolia. Nomadic architecture creates some of the most flexible spaces in architecture and has for most of human history. Not only do most nomadic structure have an open plan, they also are so flexible that they collapse and can tr

This huge nest with a retractable staircase by Swedish designers Inrednin Gsgruppen is a hotel room in the trees, in northern Sweden.

The perfect place for a holiday enjoyment in nature. The structure of this interesting Tree House was built to look exactly like a giant bird’s nest. It gives a camouflage so you quickly disappear and become part of the surroundings.

Una casa di specchi (quasi) invisibile

Invisible Treehouse Hotel - located in harads, Sweden about 60 km south of the arctic circle – currently consisting of four rooms: the cabin, the blue cone, the nest and the mirrorcube.

outdoor bathroom

Outdoor bath "Paulina Wojciechowska, a qualified architect and active promoter of sustainable living who creates earth-made homes. I love her earth tub"

Beautiful cob and stone Rocket Stove

THIS WOULD BE PERFECT IN MY NEW MEXICO HOME.DIY rocket stove - "Rocket stove technology can heat a home with less wood than a conventional wood stove. So little, that many homes are heated with nothing but tree trimmings that come out of a small yard.

Whitepod Resort & Scandinavian Alpine Eco-Lodge | The inviting 40 square metres tents are beautifully appointed with unique and antique objects from the region, soft carpet and large comfortable beds. The Scandinavian designed bathrooms are linked with warmed spring water. Wood stoves and good insulation guarantee a very high comfort and warmth atmosphere all day and night long.

Dome-Dotted Whitepod Eco Resort is a Winter Wonderland in the Swiss Alps

Bed Ideas: Winter Vacation Destination : WhitePod Alpine Ski Resorts In Swiss Alps, Alpine Eco Luxury Hotel, Small Improvised Igloos

You’ve never seen a yurt like this. Meet YURTA, the finest yurt made in Canada. Yurta is a unique all-season shelter that builds on a millennia of nomadic tradition. Strong yet portable Functional Minimal in footprint Natural and non-toxic Beautiful A contemporary adaptation of traditional Mongolian yurts, Yurta is a comfortable and inspiring living space …

Interior of the yurt. Very cozy and quick to heat with a wood burning stove. Now this is how I want to camp!


A bit dramatic for a tiny house but above the bed would be awesome While it looks like a greenhouse, this coastal home in California, built by Mickey Muennig, has a removable window which helps keep the place cool.

cordwood-building - lots of good pictures and resources for alternative building of your off grid home! ...

Eco-homes from the earth. 7 ways to DIY (cordwood building pictured) I want to build something like this. maybe a much smaller kids play house?

A traditional Kazakh felt yurt

yurt - a circular domed dwelling that is portable and self-supporting; originally used by nomadic Mongol and Turkic people of central Asia but now used as inexpensive alternative or temporary housing

Yurt idea

California Modern Backyard Yurt - outdoor sink<-----This would be awesome for anything! Like Yoga studio, art studio, office, guest

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234596d1319407587-building-stone-shed-page-2-a-img_0190-jpg (3647×2735)

This is a Kimberly stove, developed in the US for use in camper vans, boats and Yurts. It has a really small foot print, so you can squeeze it anywhere and it's super cool looking.

This is a Kimberly stove, developed in the US for use in camper vans, boats and Yurts. It has a really small foot print, so you can squeeze it anywhere and it's super cool looking. What's a Yurt?