In which Sebastian is a little kid in awe of tennis. XD asdfjdlkjkjl

That guy is trying to show him how to play properly and he's just like "Oh! I made the ball fly!

There are never too many Buckys ahhhh

Sebastian Stan and stunt double on set of "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" <<< SASSY SEBBY

Can you move your seat up

I see that jumpers have the purpose to warm ppl but it never was supposed to make him this hot?

Don't know what this is from.

He managed to manoeuvre himself to a position he found a ragged rock. He tried cutting the rope on it.

Sebastian stan gif // pinterest: thewhitelies

runaway (bucky barnes x reader)

What, you never read smut before? - Chapter 2 - Razzamatazz - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]<< this is so funny and dw there's no actual smut!

someone please come collect this poor child --- get him off the streets; into a hot shower...give him some soup maybe

a scarf with a hoodie with a peacoat with combat boots (and sebastian stan's face)

Sebastian ⭐ Stan and Betty created by Kimberlydyan

Sebastian Stan and Betty- use dog breed for dog Deutscher schäferhund/yorkie/corgi/retriever?