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Cotton Top Tamarins

The cotton-top tamarin (Saguinus oedipus) is a small monkey weighing less than…

www.homebaseorganics.com Fast Fact Attack: Endangered Species No. 44 – The Cotton-top Tamarinz - The blog where this pin comes from is wonderful.

Cotton-Top Tamarin, one of the world's smallest monkeys, native to Colombia, listed as Threatened, due to massive habitat destruction in its traditional range.

Cotton Top Tamarin

Cotton Top Tamarin by Frederick DunnThe cotton-top tamarin (Saguinus oedipus) is a small New World monkey weighing less than kg lb). One of the smallest primates, the cotton-top tamarin is.

**Tamarin, a rare monkey native to Brazil - By Sam Lim, Looks Like the Flying Monkeys Wizard of Oz.

albertina zavala

The Gibbon is a primate (lesser great ape) that lives in the rainforest of Southeast Asia. This species is threatened by habitat loss. Photo by Thanawat Thiasiriphet.


Trachypithecus: Dusky Leaf Monkeys / Dusky Langurs (by kajornyot krunkitsatien on


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Unusual Animal Friendships - Monkey and White Tiger --- Anjana, the Chimpanzee, loves her abandoned tiger cubs but this isn’t her first rodeo. Anjana has actually cared for several tiger cubs throughout her life.

Rare white Vervet monkey, Kruger National Park, South Africa.  “I was busy photographing the Vervet troop when this little white bombshell dives out of the bushes and tackles another baby vervet around the same age,” said photographer Christy Strever.

Albino Monkey, South Africa, Photographer Christy Strever managed to capture the monkey on her last day on holiday in the Kruger National Park

Angolan Colobus by Scott Olson

Browse Angolan Colobus Monkey Born At Chicago-Area Brookfield Zoo latest photos. View images and find out more about Angolan Colobus Monkey Born At Chicago-Area Brookfield Zoo at Getty Images.

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Endangered golden-headed lion tamarin babies and their mother. Golden-Headed Lion Tamarin "Severely endangered because of habitat loss and illegal capture. There are only about 200 golden-headed lion tamarins in the wild.

Do I need to go in and have my roots touched up?: 'Harumpfff' by Alan Shapiro on 500px

Wolf’s Mona Monkey (alan shapiro photography) I think this is real.if so this monkey is one of the most a incredible looking creature.

Found only in Ethiopia, Gelada Baboons are the last surviving species of ancient grazing primates that were once numerous. They are threatened today, surviving in isolated areas in Ethiopia. They are the most terrestrial of primates, aside from humans.

Simien Mtns by Rod Waddington, Gelada Baboons, Simien Mts, Ethiopia

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