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hoverboard och gokart!

ORB WheeL Kart: Gjør hoverboardet om til en gokart - Teknikmagasinet.

Typically you wouldn’t see an electric bike gracing the pages of The Man’s Man but the Ubco 2×2 Utility Bike is not your average electric bike. The Ubco 2×2 Utility Bike is a freaking work horse. It was originally designed to carry tools and for use in an agriculture environment but we can think of many …

Ubco 2X2 Utility Bike

The Ubco Utility Bike is a freaking work horse. It was originally designed to carry tools and for use in an agriculture environment 30 mph 100 mile range

T-Scooter is an electric moped that interacts with a smartphone to enhance the rider’s awareness of road conditions

Daily commute with the T-Scooter looks to be a dream. The reason why I say this is that it hooks up a smartphone and updates the

I LOVE my lightweight, portable, collapsable scooter! I travel with it, right up to the door of the plane. My life has been better for it!

Best Mobility Scooters - The TravelScoot is the lightest and best mobility scooter in the world! It folds and unfolds as quick and easy as an umbrella, runs on Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) batteries.

Someone posted my buddie's Radio Flyer build and people seemed to dig it, so I'll post up some of his build. NOTE: This is NOT MY WORK, I just know the guy

I ran across this low-rider Radio Flyer wagon build that I thought would make an interesting feature to mix it up a bit and keep the content eclectic. Plus, if you have kids it’s never too ea…

SNAP! by Nick Kaloterakis [Futuristic Vehicles: http://futuristicnews.com/category/future-transportation/]

Image via Lada Raven Concept Car Image via Dolphin concept car is the third winner of Michelin design challenge it reflects the principle of sporty, scientific and futuristic.