[Starling] Pyxis by sordid-dessert on DeviantArt

Sunset, a kind hearted royal. She has the power of alchemy. A extremly rare and strong power. She doesnt really telll anyone her powers. Only her sister Echo.

Teacup Dragon Auction! Tails 'n Speckles! [CLOSED] by Aeoptera.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

It's time for the very first teacup dragons to come forth! Tabby markings are the greatest! Teacup Dragons are a closed species.

Target acquired by fancypigeon.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

the beast demands a flesh sacrifice drawing my new cinnamon roll bird being cute Cinnamon 2949 fullbody = 1 coloured shaded personal art = 25 AP i think? if I did this wr.

Gemnants - First Auction! [closed] by kuritures on DeviantArt

Two Cosmic-form nebs I finished today in stream. The left one sports a rare binary microstar and a few uncommon traits, such as branched horns and "m.